Director Profile

Peter Motalli is the Director of Optima Property Group Pty Ltd. Peter has worked in the industry for over 25 years starting out as a builder quickly recognising his passion for property, he started developing small scale developments in 1992 in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

Now with over 25 years experience within the property industry, Peter has experience in both spectrums of property developing, the construction and also the management of projects. His involvement in the property industry stretched from the development of residential property, commercial property including land subdivisions, to the provision of consultancy services and establishing a recognised reputation for his passion and knowledge of property developing.

Peter is recognized for his ability to identify potential developments and property trends ahead of the market resulting in outstanding performance and exceptional track record. Over a period of time, Peter has achieved a good understanding of the market trends and keeping up with local and state government policies relating to planning, achieving many planning permits well above industry standard resulting with a planning approval being selected by the City of Darebin and placed in the Municipality Strategic Statement as an example of what council encourages as multi unit development in 1997.

Peter has led the way in property development with an example of a project which was purchased from the State Government as a long and narrow piece of vacant land approximately 2400m2 abutting the railway line, with the dimensions of 7m depth at one end and 12m at the other, with the frontage of approximately 250m and also zoned industrial. With consultation not only with council planners but also with the councillors and residents Peter was able to convince them of his ideas resulting in a rezoning of industrial to residential and planning approval for 24 town houses. There were many constraints to be overcome in the design, however the houses are completed and house around 80-100 people. Peter has recently completed the redevelopment Normandy Hotel in Clifton Hill, which is no longer being used as a hotel but will be developed into retail and residential apartments.

Peter has implemented a strong property strategy in the late 1990s and early 2000s when he concluded that Melbourne and the inner suburbs will be in strong demand under pinned by a multitude of factors including immigration, existing infrastructure underutilised, social trends and many more. Commercial property was significantly undervalued and underdeveloped, with much potential to develop such properties to a better and higher use.

Peter’s property experience and outstanding achievements to date, has led to many wholesale investors seeking advice from him and wanting to invest alongside him. Peter is also involved with is the acquisition of property for individual investors, buyer advocacy, property consultancy and market research.