Optima partners with property owners who are seeking to realise an above market sale of their property, but do not have the development expertise to manage the complexities of undertaking the redevelopment of their asset.

Most property owners acknowledge that there is a potential for their property to be redeveloped, however they do not have the expertise to provide them with the confidence that is required to manage the process. With most property owners selling their properties or potential developments for far less than what could have been realised if they had undertaken a redevelopment of their site.

Optima managers the entire development process, taking on the role of Development Manager, from the initial assessment and feasibilities of the project, through to planning approval. The Development Managers team includes town planners, architects, engineers and specialist consulting experts in areas such as traffic management, environmental assessments, building surveyors and geotechnical engineers.

Optima offers property owners a solution to add value to their property by way of partnering with a specialist development company, leading the them through the entire development process from preparation of feasibilities to the town planning application process and a sale of their project.

Optima specialise in the developments of high density apartment, town house and retail developments, normally within the inner city suburbs of Melbourne.

If you own a property that you might think may have the potential to be developed and would like us to provide you with an assessment please contact us.